Antoinette Parekh - Marriage and Family Therapist Intern # 65087
Main Therapeutic Influences:
Positive Reframing and Supportive Visioning takes problem laden stories and reframes them to draw out the strengths and identify where growth has and can contniue to take place. It builds an optimistic and energetic way to view past, present, and future challenges.
Psychodynamic Theory identifies that relationships, past and present, influence how we engage with the world in both positive and negative ways. These patterns can be altered by creating new interactions in the present.
Contemporary Trauma Theory  focuses on the transformative potential that can arise when old hurts and traumas are examined in the safety of the therapeutic relationship and utilized to aid growth.
Communication Skills are essential to aiding understanding and co-operation. There are many simple exercises, concepts, and skills that can be practiced by individuals and couples to help them to understand and be better understood by others. By exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviors clients can get to know their habits and develop more wholesome ways to communicate with the people who are important to them.
Attachment Theory recognizes the importance of past and current attachments on interpersonal relations. The therapeutic relationship is seen as a forum for experiencing secure attachment that are nurturing and reliable and facilitate confidence and growth.
Eastern Psychology  pays special attention to the present. Each moment is precious and offers us the only place where transformation can occur. The body and mind are interconnected and inform each other. All people are inherently well intentioned and make errors of judgment due to lack of understanding and skills. Part of the task of therapy is to better understand who we are, and what our needs are, and how to most effectively fulfill them.
Zen Teacher in the Diamond Sangha
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology – San Jose State University 
Graduate Diploma Counseling and Human Services - Melbourne, Australia
Bachelor Behavioral Science - Melbourne, Australia
Bachelor Visual Arts Education - Sydney, Australia
Advanced Certificate – Gestalt Therapy Australia
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